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Victoria Woollard is a San Francisco food stylist. Her work is reflective of her world travels, her hands on work from farm to table, and her life long exposure to the arts, photography and design. She hails from beautiful Hawaii and has lived and worked in many cultures and countries including Peru, Italy and Japan. She is immensely passionate about the sharing and conservation of planetary resources and the people who introduce spice and variety into our lives.

She has styled product packaging, catalogues and cookbooks, SMTs, restaurant menus and signage; produced cooking shows and food scenes in movies; developed, tested and written recipes, edited and ghost written cookbooks. She is adaptable to new situations and has worked both in-house and freelance. In her free time she dedicates herself to our food systems, volunteering for organizations that support agriculture and nutrition education for young people. She has lived and breathed food from the farm to the kitchen to the set.

Her clients have included SunBasket, The Food Network, Ayesha Curry, Kaiser Permanente, Safeway, Weldon Owen, Sunset Magazine, Williams-Sonoma, Callisto Media, Hidden Valley Ranch, Food & Wine, Tyler Florence, Clorox Corporation and more.


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